Keyword Canine 3.0 API

The Keyword Canine API allows you to analyze keywords and get back all of the data that appears on the Analysis results page.

The API url is:
Query Limitation: The API will use the same credits that are attributed to the user. So the number of calls is equal to the number of credits.
The API returns a json for each of the below calls.


Before performing any other API queries, you first need to get a session identifier from the API. To do that, you pass your username and password to the API. Your POST should contain the following variables and values:

username: your login username
password: your password

The response will be:

success: true
session: a unique session id -- you need to save this

The session id must be passed for every call to the API.

(Any time an API call fails, the success value will be set to "false" with the reason for the failure contained in the "error" value.)

Once you have a session id, you can then call the other actions below.


Performs the same function as using the Analyze Keywords form.

keywords: the keywords to analyze
country: the 2-character country code [e.g. "us", "uk", "de", "fr", etc.]